7 Different Uses for Rapeseed Oil

1st March 2017

Rapeseed oil is extremely versatile, and can be used when making sweet and savoury dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner. We think rapeseed oil should be your go-to oil so we’ve put together a few of our favourite dishes, where you might not have thought to use it. You can buy rapeseed oil in two forms, cold-pressed and refined (often labelled vegetable oil) – both have their benefits. Give these recipes a try and see what you think!


Rapeseed oil is a key ingredient in our Honeyed Muesli Crunch. Use rapeseed oil to grease your baking trays before you bake the oat and seed mix, as its subtle flavour won’t distract from the sweet, nutty taste of the muesli.



Pep up your lunch hour with this tasty grilled halloumi ciabatta sandwich. Marinating the halloumi in rapeseed oil before cooking it ensures it won’t stick to the pan and you can get a nice crispy outside with a soft melting middle!



You needn’t feel guilty when tucking into this vegetable whole grain pizza, as it contains 2 of your 5-a-day and whole grains too, which are a good source of fibre. Using rapeseed oil to form the dough ensures it has a great consistency and is easy to roll and shape into the perfect pizza.



Using rapeseed oil in place of butter when baking makes a healthier alternative to family favourites. We love using it in this carrot cake, which contains 60% less saturated fat than if you use butter.



Using cold pressed rapeseed oil in dressings gives them a uniquely nutty flavour.

This oriental salad dressing is deliciously versatile, and tastes equally great drizzled on a fresh salad or as an accompaniment to chicken and salmon.



Why buy hummus when you can make your own in minutes? This hummus recipe tastes wonderful with some smoked paprika sprinkled on top and an extra drizzle of rapeseed oil. Serve with warm pitta breads and crunchy carrot & celery sticks.

Griddled Wholemeal Pitta with Homemade Hummus


Rapeseed Oil Benefits