7 Top Chefs' Recipes Using Rapeseed Oil

10th May 2017

Try these delicious recipes from top chefs who’ve embraced rapeseed oil in their recipes. Not surprising – as rapeseed oil has many benefits, such as its flavour and nutritional properties. Rapeseed oil has an incredibly delicate flavour and is light, non-greasy in texture.  This makes it an excellent carrier, allowing flavours of other ingredients in a dish to shine through. We’ve put together a list of seven recipes from some top chefs:

Nigella, Chicken Traybake with Bitter Orange and Fennel

This roast chicken dish from Nigella is wonderfully fragrant, delicious and simple to make. Serve with some crispy roast potatoes and some spring greens for a meal that’s sure to impress.

Raymond Blanc, Bruno Loubet’s Bean and Veg Chilli

This tasty chilli recipe is a one-pot wonder – simple and delicious – sure to become a new family favourite. Serve with brown basmati rice for added texture and flavour, and a dollop of natural yogurt if you prefer your chilli a little less spicy.

Ching-He Huang, General Tso’s Chicken with Garlic Chive and Mushroom Noodles

Crispy, spicy chicken pairs brilliantly with earthy, salty noodles in this speedy stir-fry dish from Ching-He Huang.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Crab Cakes with Pickled Samphire and Rapeseed Mayo

Cold pressed rapeseed oil gives Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s mayonnaise a wonderful golden-yellow colour. Its smooth, creamy flavour is the perfect accompaniment to the sharp, pickled samphire.

Phil Vickery, Popcorn Pheasant with Spicy Dipping Sauce

You’ll never look at pheasant in the same way after you’ve tried it popcorn-style! This interesting dish from Phil Vickery is sure to be crowd pleaser, it’s gluten free too.

Rachel Khoo, Shepherdless Pie

Shepherd’s pie will always be a British family favourite, but this twist on the classic dish is sure to become part of your cooking repertoire. Rachel Khoo’s meat free ‘shepherdless pie’ uses puy lentils and polenta for a lighter version of this rich dish.

Jamie Oliver, Guinness Lamb Shank

Jamie’s Guinness Lamb Shank is the perfect dish for a dinner party, with enough sauce to coat 10 lamb shanks. Serve with a mix of potato and celeriac mash and some fresh mint leaves to enjoy a really special dish.

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