Amuse Your Bouche Food Blogger Recipe

28th June 2017

Rapeseed oil is growing in popularity, so we asked food blogger, Amuse Your Bouche – otherwise known as Becca Pusey – for a recipe showing how she would use rapeseed oil.

Becca’s blog is all about simple, vegetarian recipes and this lunch recipe shows that tasty dishes do not have to be difficult to make.

Creamy Pesto Mushrooms and Halloumi on Toast Recipe

This simple lunch recipe of Creamy Pesto Mushrooms and Halloumi on Toast is made with delicious wholemeal bread, rapeseed oil of course, halloumi cheese, fresh basil, black pepper, chestnut mushrooms, creme fraiche and either pistachios or pine nuts. You can top too with some pumpkin seeds for extra crunch. If you want to make things even simpler, you can use shop bought pesto.

Creamy pesto mushrooms and halloumi on toas


Read more about this recipe on Becca’s blog, Amuse Your Bouche.

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