Chocolate and Cranberry Brownies Recipe Video

1st March 2017

Recipe Video: Chocolate and Cranberry Brownies

Have you ever thought of using rapeseed oil in baking? Brownies are a popular favourite. Try this Chocolate and Cranberry Brownies recipe, which uses rapeseed oil in place of other fats to make them a little healthier. To mix things up, try replacing the cranberries with other dried fruit, such as chopped dates. For another healthier option, to increase your fibre intake, try using wholemeal self-raising flour instead of white flour. Takes just 10 minutes to prepare, bake for 30 mins, then enjoy with a cuppa!

Watch our 1 minute recipe video showing you how simple it is to make this Brownies recipe using rapeseed oil in place of other fats to make them a little healthier. Enjoy (the video… and the brownies of course nom nom)!

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