Get Baking For Charity With These Delicious Bakes

16th November 2017

It’s Children in Need tomorrow and it’s got us thinking about all the different ways you can donate to charity. Being food lovers, we’ve decided one of our favourite ways (of course!) are charity bake sales.

I bet we all have a bake in mind that one day we’d like to make, but then we never actually do. It’s so easy for time to slip by without getting round to it; with so many things to fit into our time, from working, to parenting, to exercising, to socialising, to studying… and catching up on our favourite TV shows of course.

Challenge: get baking for charity

Well, here’s our challenge, to help you make that bake! Why not set yourself a goal to bake for the next charity bake sale you hear of. What could be more persuasive than the call of a charity bake sale to encourage you to dust off your apron, and get baking for those in need? Commit yourself to it, by signing up with the organiser; then plot the preparation time you’ll need in your diary for the different tasks, such as:

  • Looking at recipes and deciding your bake
  • Checking what equipment you need and if you have it; listing anything you don’t have (including a cake tin, to take your goodies to the sale in)
  • Borrowing or buying equipment you need
  • Shopping for ingredients
  • Maybe practicing the bake (one for your family to test… it’s a hard job!)
  • Doing the real bake

A charity bake sale is the perfect opportunity to motivate you to bake that cake or scone or bread that’s been in mind for such a long time. How rewarding it will be to see others taking pleasure in your home cooking efforts, with an extra added bonus that a charity will benefit from the monies earned as a result. So grab your wooden spoon and have a go!

Here are some of our baking recipes to inspire you. These baking recipes use rapeseed oil in place of butter, which reduces the saturated fat content. We’d love you to show us a pic of your baking creations on our Rapeseed Oil Benefits Facebook page.

Carrot Cake Recipe

This twist on a carrot cake recipe, a firm family favourite, contains a lot less saturated fat per slice by using rapeseed oil in place of butter. Sat fat in butter is approx. 52.1g per 100g. Sat fat in rapeseed oil is approx. 6.6g per 100g.


Chocolate & Cranberry Brownies Recipe

A healthier version of this popular treat; chocolate brownie recipe

Chocolate & Cranberry Brownie Recipe


Ginger & Lime Slice Recipe

Trying baking with whole grains, like with this ginger and lime slice recipe, which uses oatmeal and whole meal flour — they’re sooo good.

Ginger & Lime Slice Recipe


Blueberry & Oat Muffins

This blueberry and oat muffins recipe uses rapeseed oil, so each muffin contains a lot less saturated fat than if you used other fats; yet you wouldn’t know — they’re delicious.


If you’re feeling inspired, find more delicious recipes here

Rapeseed Oil Benefits