Great British Chefs Talk Rapeseed Oil For Cooking

11th March 2016

Wondering what all the fuss is over rapeseed oil?

Great British Chefs talk about the benefits of using rapeseed oil for cooking, share amazing recipes, talk to Michelin-starred chefs and visit a farm to see how cold-pressed oil is made.

Why use rapeseed oil?

Why should you include rapeseed oil in your cooking oil repertoire? Find out what Great British Chefs say about rapeseed oil: Why use rapeseed oil

How it’s made

Great British Chefs visit one of the many UK farms that produce rapeseed oil to see how cold-pressed is made. With a few pieces of simple equipment and time and patience, artisan producers can create an award-winning culinary oil that’s in high demand amongst foodies: See how rapeseed oil is made

Great British Chefs recipe collection

Rapeseed oil is known and loved for its delicate, mild flavour and is an extremely versatile ingredient. See the amazing recipe collection curated by Great British Chefs showcasing inspirational recipes using rapeseed oil: Rapeseed oil recipe collection

Rapeseed oil: a Michelin-starred ingredient

It’s being used more in home kitchens, but what about restaurants? Michelin-starred and award-winning chefs share how they incorporate rapeseed oil into their menus

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Rapeseed Oil Benefits