Lighter Meals for Spring Evenings

22nd March 2018

It’s finally starting to get lighter outside, which can mean only one thing… Spring is in the air! Lighter days and warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to bring the humble salad to life and get creative. Salad is more than just a few lonely salad leaves for us.

As the weather (hopefully) heats up, our cravings for lighter dishes packed with fresh, seasonal ingredients increases and salad becomes a true star at mealtimes. The below selection of recipes are perfect for summer picnics, a light supper or a delicious packed lunch, and we can guarantee some serious lunchbox envy if you take them into work.

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Warm Bacon, Mustard & Potato Salad Recipe

This warm salad recipe is perfect for this time of year; come rain or shine. Enjoy the fluffiness of the potatoes and the wonderful flavour combination of the smoked bacon and spring onions.

It only takes 35 minutes to make and has less calories and fat than a traditional potato salad made with mayonnaise. Serve with a crispy, green salad if you’re looking to get some extra veg into your day.

Warm Bacon, Mustard & Potato Salad Recipe

Home Smoked Salmon Oat Salad & Zesty Salsa Recipe

Salmon is a fresh partner for any salad and will help you get one of your weekly oily fish portions that’s recommended. This dish is home smoked salmon with a delicious oat salad & zesty salsa combining avocado, chilli and lime zest. We’re sure it’ll tantalize your taste buds. This recipe can be served in under 30 minutes and is perfect for a mid-week meal.

Home Smoked Salmon Oat Salad & Zesty Salsa Recipe

Salmon & Avocado Salad with Lemon Dressing

Salmon and avocado are the ideal duo. The creamy nature of the avocado compliments the taste of salmon perfectly. This fresh-tasting fish salad is so easy to prepare, you can have it on the table in just 15 minutes. Go on, avo-go! If you fancy something more substantial, this would also be delicious served with some whole grain bulgur wheat or cous cous.

Salmon & Avocado Salad Recipe with Lemon Dressing
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