Nichola Whitehead's 3 Ways With Rapeseed Oil & Video

29th November 2016

Nic’s Nutrition

We’ve partnered with Registered Dietitian and popular You Tuber, Nichola Whitehead, for some top tips and recipes. Nichola has a passion for promoting easy to understand nutrition and diet tips. She aims to motivate people to lead healthier, and therefore happier, lives – one step at a time.

We asked Nichola to share her tips and also three recipes for using rapeseed oil. Because rapeseed oil is incredibly versatile, Nichola’s dishes include delicious options for baking, frying and roasting.

The three recipes are:

  • Baking: Peanut Butter and Chickpea Cookies
  • Frying: Creamy Smoked Mackerel with Oriental Vegetables
  • Roasting: Tortilla Pizza.

Watch Nichola’s video

Watch this 3 minute video for some useful healthy eating tips and recipes. All words spoken are Nichola’s own.

You can read Nichola’s blog and also find the recipes on her website.

If you’d like more inspiration, visit our recipe section.

Foods high in fat, salt and/or sugars such as biscuits are not needed in the diet and so, if included, eat these infrequently and in small amounts. Generally, we are eating too much saturated fat, so swap saturated fats such as butter, ghee or palm oil for small amounts of unsaturated fats such as rapeseed oil.


Rapeseed Oil Benefits