7 Ideas for Baking with Rapeseed Oil

14th October 2016

Rapeseed oil is incredibly versatile and in both its refined and cold pressed forms, is great for baking with. It is light, non-greasy and delicate in flavour, so it’s a great carrier of flavours, allowing other ingredients in baking such as fruit or chocolate to really shine. Here are our seven favourite bakes using rapeseed oil…

Carrot Cake recipe

This Carrot Cake is absolutely delicious. The combination of the rich sponge and light cream cheese icing is a classic. To top it off, one of the great things about baking with rapeseed oil is that it contains 60% less saturated fat than if you use butter!

Carrot Cake Recipe - Baking

Seeded Loaf recipe

Rapeseed oil works really well in sweet and savoury bakes. This recipe for a seeded loaf from BBC Good Food is just lovely. The addition of wholegrain mustard to the dough adds to the rich and complex flavour. Slice it nice and thickly to make the perfect ham and cheese sarnie.

Whole Grain Biscotti recipe

This Italian Biscotti is the perfect biscuit to have with a coffee. It’s got a lovely crunch and a great nutty flavour. Try adding some dark chocolate chips in with the nuts if you’re feeling adventurous!

Whole Grain Biscotti Recipe - Baking

Spiced Banana and Coconut Loaf recipe

This recipe from Delicious is an Asian twist on the classic banana loaf. The aromatic flavours of Chinese 5 spice and cinnamon are complemented by the delicate flavour of rapeseed oil. Furthermore, the addition of shredded coconut gives a lovely sweet kick to this rich and flavoursome dish.

Better Beetroot Brownies recipe

Why not try using vegetables in your baking. These Beetroot Brownies are packed full of nutritious beetroot. The use of rapeseed oil in place of butter lowers the saturated fat content considerably. The drizzle of bright pink icing on top makes then a beautifully vibrant and eye catching treat.

Tear ‘N’ Share Seeded Cheese Scone recipe

Our recipe for this Tear ‘N’ Share Seeded Cheese Scone is great to enjoy with friends. Try serving with some flavoured soft cheeses for spreading, or a simple rapeseed oil and balsamic vinegar dip for dipping. In addition, the seeds in theses scones gives them a lovely texture. These scones are sure to be a hit with whichever lucky people you bake them for!

Tear 'N' Share Seeded Cheese Scone Recipe - Baking

Chocolate Banana Muffins recipe

There are many different names for rapeseed oil, and the refined version, which is great used for baking, is often labelled as vegetable oil in shops. These Chocolate Banana Muffins from Nigella are just delicious, and the subtle flavour of the rapeseed oil really allows the strong flavours of the bananas and chocolate to shine through!

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