Cook Your Way To Their Heart This Valentine’s Day

7th February 2018

Getting a reservation at your favourite restaurant on Valentine’s Day can be quite stressful –  and that’s not to mention the strain it can have on your wallet! No need to fret, as we have another option for you: you can save yourself the hassle of a busy restaurant by cooking for your significant other at home this year. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a home cooked, three-course meal.

So, what’s on the menu?

We have you covered with these easy and delightful menu options. These recipes are super simple and quick to make, leaving you with plenty of quality time to spend with your partner. A late-night snack is also included for when you have settled in to watch your romantic movie… if you still have space after the meal, of course.

Even better, these recipes have an added benefit as they’re made using rapeseed oil, which contains less saturated fat than other commonly used cooking oils.

For now, dig into this delicious menu at home. Avoiding all that cheese at the restaurant may be your greatest Valentine’s Day idea ever – and we do not mean the cheese on the menu!

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Creamy Pesto Mushrooms and Halloumi on Toast Recipe

Created by Becca Pusey, author of popular food blog, Amuse Your Bouche; this toast topped recipe is extremely quick and easy to make and packed full of flavour. It’s a great recipe for lunch – but you can also reduce the portion size to adapt it for use as a starter.

Creamy Pesto Mushrooms and Halloumi on Toast Recipe image


Tomato & Basil Meatballs Recipe

Take your taste buds to Italy and sample the food of love with this pasta recipe! Try using lamb or turkey mince if you don’t fancy beef. Serve with a crispy green side salad!

Tomato & Basil Meatballs Recipe image


Chocolate and Cranberry Brownies Recipe

This decadent brownies recipe is ‘berry’ good and will be sure to impress your loved one. The cranberries can be replaced with any other dried fruit, so feel free to add your favourite… it is a special event after all. Serve with fresh strawberries for an extra treat!

Chocolate and Cranberry Brownies recipe image


Flavoured Popcorn Recipes

Cuddle up on the sofa and stick on your favourite movie with a bowl of our flavoured popcorn. Spice things up with our Honey & Mixed Spice and Spicy Paprika & Chive recipes!

Flavoured Popcorn recipe image


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